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Club Charter


AFC Vernon is committed the continued development of football within its local community. The Club.


-                     Seeks to introduce people, male and female, to football as players and as spectators.

-                     Undertakes to provide the same standard of tuition irrespective of ability, age, sex or background.

-                     Undertakes to provide an enjoyable and safe environment for its players and spectators.


Our players can expect to be.


-                     Managed and trained professionally, competently, and consistently with fairness, courtesy and respect in an approachable, supportive and interactive environment.

-                     Briefed and communicated to effectively, listened to and given answers to all their questions in a timely manner.

-                     Regularly given feedback on their performance at training sessions or in League or Cup matches.

-                     Given the opportunity to know and understand the rules and regulations of the club and the Football Association.

-                     Encouraged to become involved in all club activities and work in a team based environment for the good of the club.

-                     Recognised and suitably rewarded for their skills, performance and contribution to AFC Vernon.

-                     Provided with opportunities to develop and achieve their full potential through training.

-                     Provided with a safe and suitable training & playing environment.




Coaches Charter


The team coaches are key to the continued development and success of AFC Vernon. Their attitude and behaviour directly affects the behaviour of the players under their supervision. Coaches have a special responsibility to ensure that their conduct is at all times appropriate to the moral development of the players. At AFC Vernon our coaches are expected to :


-                     Provide the highest possible standard of coaching in line with the expectations of the club and its players.

-                     Adhere to the rules and regulations of the game as laid down by the governing bodies.

-                     Place the health, safety, welfare and moral education of the players above the success of the club.

-                     Protect the well being and safety of every player.

-                     Promote fair play by discouraging gamesmanship and violations of the laws of the game.

-                     Give positive encouragement to every player to help him or her consistently achieve his or her best performance.

-                     Treat every player equally and respect each player’s rights, protect their dignity and value their worth.

-                     Encourage and guide players to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance.

-                     Give clear and concise instructions so that the players know what is expected of them.

-                     Ensure that the activities they direct are appropriate for the player’s age and abilities.

-                     Display consistently high standards of behaviour and appearance.



Players Charter


AFC Vernon expects its players to be:


-                     Responsive to the requirements of their managers, and always be looking to achieve the aims of our Club.

-                     Flexible and adaptable to the changing expectations of their managers.

-                     Responsible for giving their best possible performance during a game and for playing to agreed standards and rules in a safe manner.

-                     Continually seeking better ways to increase their level of performance by being actively involved in our training programmes.

-                     Responsible for their personal performance & development, and be willing to learn new skills.

-                     Be willing to accept success and failure equally and to treat opponents with respect at all times irrespective of the result of the game.

-                     Reliable, trustworthy, and show respect for all their colleagues and officials of our Club and other clubs & teams.

-                     Willing to share their views, ideas and frustrations, and be actively involved in the team & club activities.

-                     Helpful to injured opponents, to avoid violence and rough play, and to avoid all forms of gamesmanship and time-wasting.

-                     Aware of, and abide by, the rules and spirit of the game, and the competition rules.

-                     Respectful at all times to the decisions of the match officials, to accept their decisions without protest, to avoid any words or actions which may miss-lead a Match Official and to always show respect toward the Officials.

-                     Committed to AFC Vernon aims and objectives, and take pride in our Club, equipment and everything they do.


Parents Charter


AFC Vernon expects the parent’s of its players to:


-                     Be responsive to the requirements of the manager of their child’s team, and always be looking to help to achieve the aims of our Club.

-                     Try to ensure that their child attends training, matches and other organised events regularly, on time and properly equipped.

-                     Make the Club aware of any problems or concerns that may affect their child’s performance or behaviour.

-                     Support our Club’s policies and our Club’s Charters.

-                     Give positive and helpful encouragement to their child and to all other players of both teams.

-                     Show respect to players and officials of the opposing team and never be abusive or disparaging towards them.

-                     Maintain an unbiased and constructive attitude towards any decisions made by our Club, any of it’s officials or any visiting Clubs and their officials including any match officials nominated by the Football Association, the League or any other official body.

-                     Show respect for all players and officials of our Club and those of other clubs & teams.

-                     Be committed to AFC Vernon aims and objectives, and take pride in our Club, equipment and everything they do.


Team Officials Charter


AFC Vernon expects its team officials to : 

-                     Set a positive example and uphold the reputation of the Club.

-                     Implement and uphold the Club’s rules and procedures and assist in the Club’s fund raising activities.

-                     Encourage fair play through the avoidance of gamesmanship and by showing respect for the Referee and Match Officials.

-                     Develop the abilities of the team to obtain the best results, within the spirit of the Game.

-                     Have regards for the best interest of the team and the Game.

-                     Give encouragement to all players including those of the opposing team.

-                     Implement and abide by the Clubs policies for Child Protection and Equal Opportunities.

-                     Ensure the safety of the players, spectators and match officials.

-                     Ensure that the Club’s assets are maintained in good order and are fit for their intended use.

-                     Manage and maintain the playing surface.

-                     Provide a hospitable welcome for the players, parents and supporters of both the home and the opposing team. 


Disciplinary Procedures


Any members who feels that he or she has suffered discrimination in any way, or considers that Club Policies, Rules or Codes of Conduct have been broken, should report the matter to the Club Secretary.


On receiving any notification or complaint as described above, the Club Secretary shall either report the matter at the date of the next Club Committee meeting, or shall, if in the Secretary’s opinion the circumstances so warrant, as soon as possible thereafter raise the matter with the Club Chairman who may determine that The Club Committee meet to discuss the matter at an earlier date.


All such notifications or complaints shall be heard by the Club Committee who shall adjudicate in all disciplinary matters. The Club Committee will have the power to warn any member as to their future conduct, or to suspend or remove from membership any member found to have broken the Club’s Policies, Rules or Codes of Conduct.


There will be no appeal procedures.


Anti Discrimination Policy


AFC Vernon (the Club) is committed to the confrontation and elimination of discrimination. The Club believes that football belongs to and should be enjoyed by everyone and is committed to promoting this belief throughout all of the Club’s activities.


Equality at the Club means that in all of our activities we will not discriminate or in any way treat anyone less favourably, on grounds of sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or disability.


This includes:


-                     Selection of teams.

-                     Selection of Team Managers.

-                     Appointment of Club Committee Members and officials.

-                     The advertisement, selection and appointment of volunteers.

-                     Football development activities.

-                     Courses.


The Club will not tolerate sexual or racially based harassment or other discriminatory behaviour, whether physical or verbal, and will work to ensure that such behaviour is met with appropriate action in whatever context it occurs.


The Club is committed to the development of a programme of ongoing training and awareness raising events and activities, in order to promote the eradication of discrimination within its own organisation, and within football as a whole.


Equal Opportunities Policy


AFC Vernon (the Club) is committed to a policy of equal treatment of all members and requires all members of whatever level or authority, to abide and adhere to this general principle and the requirements of the Codes of Practice issued by the Equal Opportunities Commission and the Commission for Racial Equality.


All members are expected to abide by the requirements of the Race Relations Act 1976, Sexual Discrimination Act 1986, and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.


Specifically the Club prohibits discrimination by:


-                     Treating any individual less favourably than others on grounds of gender, colour, marital status, race, nationality or ethnic or national origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

-                     Expecting an individual solely on the grounds stated above to comply with requirements for any reason whatsoever related to their membership, which are different from the requirements expected of others.

-                     Imposing on an individual requirements which are in effect more onerous on that individual than they are on others. For example this would include applying a condition which makes it more difficult for members of a particular race or sex to comply than others not or that race or sex.

-                     Victimisation of an individual.

-                     Harassment of an individual, by virtue of discrimination.

-                     Any other act or omission of an act, which has as its effect the disadvantaging of a member against another, or others, purely on the above grounds.


In all of the Club’s recruitment, selection and training processes, and in all of its disciplinary matters, decisions will be made as objectively as possible on the basis or merit, experience, skills and temperament.


The Clubs is committed to the immediate investigation of any claims of discrimination on the above grounds and where discrimination is found to be the case, the Club shall ensure that the practice ceases forthwith.



Child Protection Policy Statement


AFC Vernon is committed to safeguarding the welfare of every child or young person who participates in the Clubs activities. The Club undertakes to provide an enjoyable and safe environment with protection from physical, sexual or emotional harm and from neglect or bullying.


The Club recognises its responsibilities for the protection of children and is determined to meet its obligations in providing the highest possible standard of care. Every adult, who assists in Club activities in any capacity, whether paid or unpaid, will be made aware of the Club’s commitment to child protection and of their individual responsibilities in achieving the Club’s objectives.


In complying with the AFC Vernon Child Protection Policy Statement, the Club is committed to:


-         The appointment of a designated Child Protection Officer responsible for ensuring that the Child Protection Policy Statement is fully implemented throughout the Club.

-         Continuous training and development of Club members and officials through FA training programmes and courses and through internal Club briefings on child protection procedures.

-         Adhering to the Football Association child protection procedures and practices as defined in the Child Protection Procedures and Practices Handbook published by the Football Association, together with any amendments or additions thereto as may from time to time be published.

-         Ensuring that all members, assistants and helpers, both paid and voluntary, are made aware of the Club’s commitment to Child Protection and of their role in achieving the Club’s aims.

-         Ensuring that all members, assistants and helpers, both paid and voluntary, are vetted for their suitability by the use of Club application forms and by the completion of the Football Association Personal Disclosure Form.

-         Taking appropriate action wherever and whenever child abuse is found or suspected, in line with FA Child Protection Procedures and Practices. Non-action is not an option in child protection.



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