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1.0    NAME 

The name shall be ‘AFC Vernon.

2.0    AIMS        

To educate people through their recreational activities, to develop their physical and mental capacities so they may grow and mature as well balanced members of society and improve their qualities of life.


  1. To develop and enhance their physical and social skills.
  2. To build their individual confidence through play development and encourage them to work within a team.
  3. To encourage members to take responsibility for their own actions
  4. To support other members and encourage them to participate and take an active role.
  5. To develop and support initiatives for the benefit of its membership.
  6. To work in partnership, and seek representation on other organisations for the benefit of its membership.
  7. To employ such persons paid or non-paid as deemed necessary to deliver the objectives set out.
  8. To consult and inform the membership on all matters relating to fulfilling the objectives set out above.


Shall be open to all persons of the age range of 6+ and their respective parents/guardians/carers.


 The club teams will be affiliated to its local County F.A. annually


 A register of members shall be maintained through the Club policy membership form and updated annually.


 There shall be a charge on joining for each signed up member, which will be agreed annually by the membership voting at the AGM.




 A management committee shall be formed and elected at an AGM of the club.


 A management committee shall consist of not less than 10 persons over the age of 18 according to the following format;

a)      Officers – (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer)

b)     Team representatives – A minimum of 1 Manager/Coach from each individual club

c)         Co-opted member (for example Child protection, Schools Liaison Officer )


Members shall be elected annually at the AGM to serve for 2 years and shall be eligible for re-election bi-annually at the AGM. 


The management committee shall have the authority to co-opt additional persons as deemed necessary to serve as non-voting members to advise or provide specialist assistance on a temporary basis. 


In the event of a vacancy occurring the Management Committee may co-opt a persons to fill the vacancy in with Committee 


Shall be responsible for dealing with the day to day business of the club 

  1. Shall be responsible for financial matters and control of the club assets
  2. Shall represent the club and shall seek representation on all Voluntary and Statutory bodies which provide services for or who have influence or impact on the club membership.
  3. Shall set up sub-committees as required from time to time.

7.0    OFFICERS 

Chairperson – shall Chair all Management meetings.  Shall represent the club as so delegated and shall submit reports on all matters pertaining to the club in accordance with the direction of the Management Committee.



 As for the Chairperson and shall deputise for the Chair in their absence. 


Shall be responsible for keeping all records and reports, to observe all business transactions that all transactions are carried out within all legal requirements and comply with the constitution.  To convene all meetings as may be directed. 


Shall be responsible for keeping all monies received and paid out.  To maintain bank accounts and ensure that all monetary transactions are carried out through it.  Any bank transaction shall be by cheque and must bear at least two signatures of any of the three Chair/Secretary/Treasurer.  A petty cash amount must be made available at an amount agreed by the Committee and receipt obtained for all such expenditure.  The treasurer shall produce a financial statement bi-monthly at all Management Committee meetings.  Shall be responsible for the arrangement for annual audit and presentation at the AGM. 


The Management Committee shall establish a sub committee of Team Managers/Coaches to be Chaired by a member of the clubs Management Committee and be responsible for maintaining all minutes and records of meetings and submit reports to the Management Committee, no decision appertaining to the clubs will be taken without full consent of the Management Committee. 


Working groups will be established from time to time to work on projects deemed by the Management Committee, these shall be Chaired by an elected representative, all records reports of such working groups will be submitted to the Management Committee for approval and decision before such projects are actions. 

9.0    MEETINGS 

The clubs Management Committee shall meet bi-monthly the first of which shall be the AGM or as such at the times as may be required. 

The Sub Committee Team Manager/Coaches shall meet bi-monthly alternating between Management Committee meetings. 

Working groups shall meet when deemed necessary. 




10.0 VOTING 

Shall be decided by a simple majority of members present.  In the event of a tied vote the Chairperson shall have the casting vote. Voting shall be by show of hands. 

A ballot shall be held on request of no less than 4 persons at the meeting. 


 A quorum for a meeting of the clubs Management Committee shall be not less than 6. 


Any person having any interest on the issue of the clubs business shall declare such interest to the meeting. 

A person declaring a pecuniary interest shall leave the meeting during that item of business and may return for the meeting following conclusion of that item. 

A person declaring non-pecuniary interests shall refrain from voting but may stay in the meeting and may speak with permission of the Chairperson. 

13.0 AGM

An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year in the Month of May. 

The Management Committee members will notify their respective Team members no less than 14 days before the meeting, notice will be given by the Secretary at a Management Committee meeting. 

The business of the meeting shall be held in two parts. 

Part 1 – To receive reports on the previous years business.  To receive the audited accounts and financial statement.  To elect a Management Committee in accordance with the Committee. 

Part 2 – To agree and approve a business plan for the ensuring year.  To make recommendations for sub groups and working parties and to receive name of volunteers to serve. 







14.0 EGM 

An EGM may be called by no less than 4 members of the Management Committee. 

An EGM may be called by no less than 4 parent/guardians/carers whose names appear on the membership register. 

The request for an EGM must be in writing to the club Secretary stating the business to be discussed. 

The Secretary shall convene such meetings giving 21 days clear notice stating the business to discuss. 

No other business shall be dealt with except the business stated by the calling of such meeting. 


It may be decided to dissolve the organisation at either the AGM or an EGM by two-thirds majority of those present and voting. 


Any surplus assets remaining after the discharge of the debts and liabilities of the Club shall be transferred to the Notts FA Football Development Team who shall determine how the assets shall be utilised for the benefit of the Junior Activities in the Basford Area.


Any proposal to alter the constitution must be delivered in writing to the Secretary, and determined at either the AGM or an EGM.  Alterations will require a two-thirds majority of those present and voting. 


All members shall be given a copy of the constitution on request. 





afcvernonlogo.gif picture by NEILFRAZER

2009_0123footy25thjuly090087-1-1.jpg picture by NEILFRAZER2009_0123footy25thjuly090109-1.gif picture by NEILFRAZER 

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