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Pass and Move - Drill 1






Player 1 is the goalkeeper.

Player 2 has the football on the middle cone.


Player 2 passes to Player 3 and then follows his/her pass at ¾ pace.

Player 3 takes a quality touch and then passes to Player 4 before following his pass at ¾ pace.

Player 4 repeats this to Player 5.

Player 5 to Player 6 and finally Player 6 to Player 7.

When Player 7 receives the ball, he/she takes a quality touch and then has a shot on target.

Player 7 then moves at pace to the back of the queue, keeping out of the way of the passing drill.

All other players are making their way through the drill through to Player 11 before moving on to Player 2 again.

As we get used to the drill we up the pace and tempo.

We can vary the routine by introducing two touch or one touch.

Ensure that the quality of passing remains high throughout the 25 minute session and ensure that the shooting s of a high quality.

You will need at least a couple of helpers to feed the balls back to the start position.


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